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Could do with some advice


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In brief I've just had my cafcass report and it's sounds terrible, I'm being made out to be abusive and alsorts she saying he goes back with scratches and injuries and its just not true, I have said a few nasty words to her but only because she is out till midnight and the early hour with him drinking and sniff coke he's only 10 month I'm in court in January and cafcass is going to request a section 7 what does this involve or how does it work , also would i be able to arrange some sort of contact in the mean time to see my son. I not seen him for months now and I love the boy to bits. Im worried death about it all not sleeping and that
Hi @eric88 ,

Welcome to the forum, sorry to hear about your Cafcass report I presume it was from the Safeguarding call?

In every step of this journey when you receive reports or see documents from the other side it can raise your anxiety levels.

You are in a process, its not a great system but one which you can navigate and there is plenty of guidance and support from members of this forum.

It will help to understand where you are, so a few questions:

- who filed the c100?
- ẁas there any informal arrangements in place to see your son before now?
- did it suddenly stop?
6- how did mediation go?
- did you make any allegations or raise any concerns about mum during your call?
- was your call first or second? ( if they put mums accusations to you then yours was second)
- are you on the birth certificate?

The cafcass S7 report is one where they do a more in depth check and longer interview with both parents.

Take the time to look after yourself, your Son is still young at 10 months old, and you'll want to be the best Dad possible for him no doubt.

I'm sure others will add their advice in due course, in the meantime, feel free to come on here and vent your frustrations if it gets too much.

Stay Strong 💪

Just to add - if this is your real name, please can you message me with a suggestion for an anonymous username.