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Please allow me two additional questions:

1) I have received a request from CAFCASS to complete a form of 5 basic questions. Do I need my solicitor to review my answers? I suppose usual rules applies: a) concentrate on children wellbeing b) do not criticise ex-wife c) be positive and forward looking.

2) every month my solicitor send me a 1000-2000£ bill even if there is nothing going on. Can I stop my solicitor representing me until his services are required for the hearing in October? or could I agree a fixed fee till then?
What are the questions?

Re solicitors bills, PAYG is a much better option than the monthly 'pay this on account and we'll continue to represent'.

Imo, state you want a payment holiday and use that period to switch sols to PAYG. Your current option means they will spend the £££'s if they are there, not necessarily to your immmediate benefit, or build a war chest which means you are tied to them. Neither is helpful.

Sols fees are best spent when they are needed.....Statements and other important filings, not on willy nilly letters to the o/s. And best when you are in control, ie. this needs doing, rather than 'we're going to do this, do you agree?'. Understanding what is important to be done by a solicitor is v important.