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Burden of proof on alleger

The attached is an article about the burden of proof in civil law.

If someone makes allegations against you, it is up to them to prove it. It's not your job as the alleged to disprove it.

I have said this so many times on here as it was what my Barrister told me years ago before going into my final hearing.

My ex made up all sorts of allegations, complete and utter lies, i used to get wound right up working out how i was going to prove it wrong. My Barrister sat me down and calmly said i had to do nothing as it wasn't for me to disprove anything, it was was for her to prove her allegations and the more serious and bizarre allegations the better.
Mine said the same, I've spent 2 years and managed to disprove about 80% of it as its impossible, but they way you're treated in courts and socially with other parents makes you feel that people, Cafcass (Especially) and judges are still swayed by it. There is still so much Bias